Have Your Best Day Ever

The reality of death and that we are all here only for a short time is one of the greatest reminders to embrace what’s important and quit focusing on small things.  The small things take up so much of what we think about and focus on. And then we worry about what other people think, will we fail, that we aren’t good enough, what if, etc.   Honestly, does any of that matter?  

 Don’t let anything stop you from living, dreaming, loving, and following your heart.  It’s all too short and sometimes we don’t get a second chance.  Today, do something different you’ve always wanted to do and see how amazing you feel.


Life is such an amazing gift and it is our responsibility to live it in alignment with our authentic selves, focusing always on what and who is important.  If you haven’t been living your best life, don’t  waste another minute.  You can change right now.  You don’t need another day, to first finish whatever, to have more money, or to wait for anything…now is all you need to start fully living.

 Have your best day ever.

Photo:  National Geographic