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  You don’t have to chase someone who wants you in their life.  If they want you, they will make the effort because they don’t want to let you get away.


Never, ever underestimate the power of your words. The power of your words are too strong to ignore.  They can destroy or strengthen a relationship, a mind, a heart, a life.  They can… Continue reading

Stay Centered in Love

Some thoughts today on Love…Hope it helps…Velinda  “Love is life and if you are missing love, you are missing life”  Leo Buscaglia Be in love with life…experience it all…the newness and the pain. … Continue reading

To Give to Yourself

“It is only when we give to ourselves as passionately as we give of ourselves that we create a life we want and deserve” Suze Orman.

How to know who Truly Cares


The Most Important Thing…

“No brass ring is worth a damn compared to what makes life worth living…Love” Martha Beck

Life is a Journey

“Destination… Inner wisdom, love and joy” Martha Beck Make it your journey on your terms

The Best That I Can Be

“I don’t want anything to stop me from being the best that I can be” Jenna Gilbert

Love Endures

Love doesn’t flee. Love isn’t jealous. Love doesn’t cheat. Love isn’t cruel. Love doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself, or insecure about your future. Love endures.   Evan Mark Katz