How YOU can Contribute to Positivity

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Many people have asked if they can post articles or thoughts on my page.  I welcome your contributions with the following in mind:

Keep it positive

Contributions must enhance life or thought in some way
Opinions are acceptable as long as they express values and are not controversial.  Subjects such as religion, race, or politics would not be appropriate
Submissions to advertise your blog or business are not acceptable
All Countries are welcome.  I love hearing philosophy from other parts of the World.  Every Person has something valuable to add. 

Share what is in your heart.

 If you would be interested in sharing, please contact me with your article, story or thoughts here.  I will not promise all submissions will be posted, however,  all will be considered.  If your contribution is posted, your name and website or blogsite will be posted as well (unless you would wish to remain private).  Be creative!  There’s an abundance to share.  (Please be clear if you are contacting me to make a comment or you would like to post a contribution).

Other ways you can help share Positive Thoughts on Life with the World

 Share my blog posts and Facebook posts with your family, friends and acquaintances.  The world cannot have too much positivity. 

Make suggestions as to what you would like to see more of and what you like.  I will do my best to present what people want to see and learn. Quotes are beautiful, inspirational and I love them.  However, I would like to offer more than only quotes.  I also enjoy your comments even though I may not respond to all of them. 

Join my Facebook page: and share it with others.  Even though numbers and stats are not important to me, sharing positivity, enhancing life and positive ideas with the world are important to me.

Thank you for your contribution  (Please submit contributions in English)

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