Do You Believe in Miracles?

From:  Velinda Peyton

I do!  I’ve been the recipient of them and I’ve seen them.  I know miracles exits.

 I’ve read that all you have to do is believe, ask for a miracle and it will come.  Miracles are like prayer.   You have to ask and be open to them arriving.  Maybe not the way you thought, but miracles the same. So I asked! 

Only a few days ago I sent out my request for a couple of miracles. And true to my nature, those requests were for my children…not for me.  My Daughter had become discouraged from trying endlessly to find a job in her profession with no luck.  She is an exceptional, albeit fairly new, cosmetologist with “exquisite” ability at haircutting (exquisite as one manager once called her work).  Yet she has been turned down time and time again.  Then two days ago…another chance. She not only got a job, but a great one that also offers benefits and training, which was beyond what she expected.  She was so happy she cried.  One miracle answered!

That left open the miracle I asked for my son.  He is in his early twenties and confused about life and what he wants to do.  This kind of indecision is not so unusual for his age; however, it is causing him to resort to feelings of emptiness and lack.  Then…he found Chocla (pictured).  Chocla, a precious six-week old kitten was searching for food around the trash in a downtown area near our home.  Watching her struggle to find food, so tiny and helpless, his compassion got the best of him so he swooped her up and took her home.  She has such a sweet face and a docile personality.  At barely six weeks old and only a few pounds she has turned around my son’s whole attitude.  Now he feels useful, responsible…and Chocla loves him…what can compare with that!  My son’s mood is now much improved, and I am grateful and relieved for the blessing.  Animals add so much meaning to our lives. Miracle number two answered!

And as any loving parent knows, if my children are doing well…I’m doing well!  So I decided to join in the abundance and ask for a miracle of my own. 

This morning I received what I would qualify as a miracle even though not what I had in mind.  I received notice that my book has been considered for the IndieReader awards ebook of the year in category of self-help, non-fiction. Why this is important to me is because everyone who has read my book has made wonderful comments or written great reviews.  Many have mentioned about how much my book has helped them with wanting to change their lives and go in a different direction…to finally go after their dreams and say yes to life. Having an overall theme of positivity and the reason for your life is You, my book is about overcoming and never giving up. Yet, my interpretation of the sales is they have been disappointing.  I know in my heart if people would give my book a chance, they would not regret it. 

I am happy that IndieReader finds my book to be worthy of this consideration and I hope many other people will now be enlightened about my message.  For me, it is not about becoming the next million dollar sales author or about awards.  What I hope to do is reach people with what I know so they can stretch beyond their limits and grow to become the person they desire and deserve to be.  I guarantee anyone who reads my book will derive something profoundly beautiful from it.  

Perhaps it’s time for you to ask for a miracle!

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