Know Yourself

Nothing is more important than to know yourself.  This makes all things on all planes in all realities easy. 

To grow and change we need to integrate insight into our lives.  The irony is that we create all the situations in our lives to teach us things.  We set ourselves up for lessons and when they come along we feel hurt.  Self-pity means you need to be aware of your illusions.  The very hurt and fear that you feel is part of the lesson you yourself have created.  When you stop resisting the feeling and realized that the persons involved in the situation are just actors on the stage, then you are free to receive insights into what is going on.  If you know yourself, then your life works.  You do not have problems in one-to-one relationships.  You do not set yourself up to be rejected or dumped on, lied to or ripped off.  You do not set yourself up to be bored or frustrated, for you are in tune with and following your creative life path. 

Betty Bethards, The Dream Book