Unconditional Love….Happy Valentines Day

When all Else Fails:  “They laughed and asked me what I see in you.  I smiled back and said…everything you don’t” Unknown

 There have been times that my children expressed to me a lack of confidence in themselves.  It’s natural at times for people to fall into feelings of doubt.  But what I see in them is everything they don’t.  I see their love and worth.  I see the good that is innately there.  I see all the potential they have going for them.  I see love.  If they could only see what I see in them they would never doubt themselves.  I see the two most precious people I have ever known.  I love them deeply and see everything in them that makes my heart know my life is beautiful for having known them.

From the Book:  This River Called Life, A Letter to My Children http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0077SF3GY