7 Secret Habits of Highly Successful People

Think about this … Your first form your habits, then your habits form you. Choose to form the right ones now.

To become  highly successful…
• You Must Distance Yourself from the Masses
• You Must Understand that your Habits Will Determine Your Future
• You Must change your habits

Negative habits breed negative consequences while successful habits create successful consequences. So simply put, you can turn negative consequences into positive rewards by changing your habits TODAY…


Habit #1
Highly Successful people take 100%…
• Acceptance of Responsibility for Their Results.
• They don’t blame the economy, the competition, or their company for dips in closings. Instead, the worse things get, the harder they work, the more they prospect, the more they follow up, the more they polish their skills….
• They are intensely Goal-Oriented.
• They always know what they are going after and how much progress they are making towards their goal
• They focus on their outcomes and don’t get distracted by trivia.
• You won’t find them around the coffee pot or water cooler talking weekend sports or the latest   reality show on Monday morning at 9:30.
• They are on the phone, in the field prospecting or with a customer
• They know and understand that goals and targets are there to be exceeded, not just something to aim for.

Habit #2
Highly Successful People are Determined and Persistent
• They do not take “no” personally nor do they allow it to make them feel like a failure.
• No matter how tempted they are to give up, they persist toward their goals.
• Self-discipline is a key factor in their success
• They act with urgency in everything they do
• They Maintain a Positive Attitude and always stay “Up” even when the chips are down.
• On the occasions when a deal does go wrong, they bounce back quickly and ask themselves, “What did I learn from this, and how can I prevent it happening again?”

Habit #3
Highly Successful People Always Act “On Purpose”
• Every call, every letter, every visit is conducted for a reason.
• They know their intended outcome and their fallback positions before they make contact with a prospect or customer.
• Anticipate their customers’ needs and concerns
• They think ahead so they can respond appropriately
• Top professionals are using social media…but not the way most agents do. Top successful people use it for follow up, not for generating leads
• Social media for them replaces the mailers and post cards they previously sent out to past clients and their sphere of influence to keep in touch, it is easier, less expensive and enables them to communicate more often and more effectively

Habit #4
Highly Successful People are Fanatics about Managing and Guarding Their Time
• They understand the difference between Urgent and Important. Important is their priority; achieving their goals by providing efficient, superior service to their customers.
• They recognize that Urgent is someone else’s priority thrust upon them.
• They treat other people’s time with respect.
• They are always on time for meetings and appointments.
• Perform all tasks quickly and efficiently, in the minimum of time, always working to meet or be ahead of pre-agreed timelines.
• They have a schedule, they work the schedule, and they know that if something is not in their schedule it does not get done
• When they are at work, they work and when at home, they are at home

Habit #5
Highly Successful People Have the Courage to Do What They Don’t Like To Do Especially On The Days They Don’t Want To Do It
• They are pro-active, especially when things are slow.
• Instead of moaning and complaining that sales are down, they get on the phone and call past and existing customers
• They know how important follow up is for setting appointments

Habit #6
Highly Successful People Invest Years of Hard Work
• They are always learning and Practicing
• Top professionals know their product and can answer questions and concerns directly
• They know where to find the answers.
• They know what is happening in their market
• Practice, roll play and create and master scripted presentations
• They know what to say and how to say it

Habit #7
Highly Successful People Surround Themselves with Winners and a Winning Environment
• They want and need to be around other professionals dedicated to be the best that they can be
• They understand there are no short cuts.
• They understand that to be successful takes focus, consistency and commitment on their part    and the part of the people who surround them

Make a commitment to grow daily
If you make it your goal to grow a little every day, it will not be long before you begin to see positive results in yourself. Don’t wait for inspiration. You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when your feel like it.

Today Matters
To change your life you have to change something you do daily. What changes will you make today to make this your best week ever? Take small steps daily, not giant steps occasionally to reach your goals.

Final Thoughts
• You first form your habits, then your habits form you.
• Every day you live you are in the process of becoming… becoming worse or becoming better
• It’s your choice

From:  Neil Schwartz