Master Your Emotions with Proper Attitude

Our bitterest pain is not physical, but emotional

Disappointments are difficult to accept.  And a broken heart is the deepest pain we will ever experience.  .  None of us get out of life without experiencing deep emotional pain.

The person who wants to commit suicide after a relationship breakup is out of control emotionally and not thinking properly.  Embrace your disappointments so you can turn them into a better life.

The resilience to overcome has a lot to do with your attitude.  Your fruitless efforts are because you are trying for the wrong things.  The relationship that ended was to make room for one that will last.  The job you didn’t get was because there is a better one meant just for you.  The dreams that didn’t work were the wrong dreams.  And the life that didn’t happen the way you hoped it would is to be recreated with a better life more authentic with who you are.

There’s always another tomorrow, another relationship, a better job, new dreams and a richer life waiting to be created.  

But you have to adopt the proper attitude to believe this.