On the Other Side of Grief

Photo:  New Mexico Sunset, Jenna Gilbert

Photo: New Mexico Sunset, Jenna Gilbert

A bad breakup is one of the most traumatic things you will ever go through.  This kind of grief can go on for a very long time.  However the transition is a wonderful time of hiatus to get to know yourself better.  Frequently, it is only after experiencing deep grief that we realize how important it is to know ourselves better so we never make those mistakes again.  It’s a time to stop living in denial about what you were ignoring in the relationship that was right in front of you. It’s a time to ask yourself why you tolerated the abuse, neglect, apathy or emotional unavailability.  You have to be responsible for what you ignore and deny.  You have to look at your past story and how you kept contributing to and perpetuating that story.

 Creating a new and wonderful life is work, but it’s worth it.  Many people who go through a devastating breakup find better relationships than they ever thought were possible.  Bad breakups teach us profound lessons about what we won’t tolerate in the future and what we won’t settle for.  I have known so many people who have found the love of their life only after experiencing a bad relationship.

 On the other side of grief is life.  On the other side of grief is freedom, opportunity and happiness and a relationship possibly like you’ve never known before.