There are two things I know for sure about attitude.  One is that it is a choice.  Perhaps we may not realize that the way we think is by choice, but it is.  Whether it is inherited as we were growing up or from life experiences, attitude is a choice. It is also a choice to change it.

The second thing I know for sure about attitude is that it will make your life heaven or hell on earth.  Whether it’s a person who is surrounded by a negative aura and consistently thinks negatively, or a person who is open and positive, we become what we think…about ourselves, our life, our future, everything. 

I wish more people understood the power of attitude and how it determines our life.  I also wish more people knew that they can change anything about their attitude if it is not serving their best interest.

The best way to start is to turn around all negative thoughts into positive ones…whether you believe them or not.  Keep doing this and watch the magic unfold.  I promise you this really works…you just have to keep doing it until it becomes a habit.