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There comes a time when you know the world you are living in is not your home. When that happens it does not matter the existing circumstances. It does not matter how late in life you may have waited. What matters is that you are ready to jump into the life your soul has longed for. This is when you feel alive. This is when you know everything you have been prepared for is coming together, and it is time…time to finally live who you are. This realization is magical and resonates possibly for the first time with your life’s purpose. My message is don’t wait for what you know you are born to do. When you have a talent, it needs to be shared. When you have a dream, it needs to be lived. When your heart is leading you and your passion is talking to you, listen! Life is about your unique journey, and the difference you can make. There is nothing that will compare with your decision to finally go in the direction you are meant to go and all the magic that happens from that decision. This is when life finally falls together.

Real Financial Freedom is taking Control of Your Financial Life

“This book is loaded with information about how to achieve the financial freedom principles that seem to elude too many people. Simple and straight to the point, I guarantee you will learn something valuable that will benefit you the rest of your life.” Velinda

For thirteen years, I worked as a Financial Consultant for a Fortune 500 Insurance and Financial Company. What my career revealed to me was what people didn’t know about their finances…simple things I felt were elementary. What I learned was that most people knew very little about finances in general so they struggled with excessive and out of control financial debt, poor planning (that cost them plenty), stress, lack, and confusion about what to do.
I wrote this book for You. For all the people who struggle with the everyday stress of how to handle their finances.

This book is not about how to get rich quick, or how to master the intricacies of the stock market. This book is about:

How to achieve the basic financial principles to live a stress free financial life.
How to avoid the six financial disasters people get themselves into.
How to create a financial plan to protect and grow your money

Real financial freedom is taking control of your finances; and taking control of your finances is creating a life of meaning. With these principles you can. The rest is up to you.