I suppose we will never know what could possibly cause a person to do something so horrific as yesterday’s shooting in Las Vegas…or the other shootings this country has experienced.  How could anyone look into the faces of small children and then shoot them?   Unconscionable.  And for many of us, we feel helpless to help…I know I do. 

There are the recent fires in Southern California that has taken lives and life from innocent people.  Usually these fires are started by man.  Sadly it’s not just people who suffer  from these misfortunes.  We forget that thousands of animals helplessly lose their lives through no fault of their own when these disasters happen.

Then there are the recent floods from the hurricanes that have left thousands of people devastated and without homes.  They have lost their homes, their belongings and even worse, some have lost their loved ones.  And again, many animals have been lost or left homeless from these tragedies as well.  Sometimes we forget that animals have emotions and experience devastation just as deeply as humans

So in light of these recent tragedies, I wanted to share something I thought about while watching so many people struggle after the current devastation in this country.

 What are you waiting for?

We put our lives on hold, wait until tomorrow to covet something we dream about today, make excuses about why we can’t (fill in the blank), let our insecurities get in the way of what we really desire, hide from life out of fear…and then years later we are still…wanting and craving those things we let go of or didn’t try for.

We clam up or back off out of assumed thoughts of what others may think or the fear of rejection, instead of asserting ourselves. We self-persecute and let that stop us when we are fine just the way we are. We wallow in depression because our minds and attitudes are stuck in negativity…something that is within our power to change.  We wait and wait and wait until the right time, the right circumstances or the right day while life is eluding us.  Out of desperation we settle for what we don’t want because it’s easier, and live with the void.   We don’t say I love you enough, spend time with people enough, or care enough because social media has taken over as the new accepted way of communication. We put joy or what makes us laugh and happy on the to-do list because of too many unnecessary responsibilities we committed to.  We waste precious time wallowing in self-pity over something we believe to be a setback instead of seeing the opportunity the perceived setback has presented us.  We give up after one try instead of picking ourselves up and trying again.  We get angry and vengeful over things we should instead let go of forever and simply move forward as a better way of handling disappointment. And worst of all, we hurt other people just because we are hurting as twisted retaliate for the emptiness inside. 

And while we are living this vacancy…life is eluding us.

The time is now.  If life is not the way you desire…the time is now…today… to change.  You have the power to change, to control you thinking, your behavior, your destiny, your life.  No excuses.

So what are you waiting for?