Mother’s Day in my Heart

On Mother’s Day when my children were babies and, of course, didn’t know what the day was, I thought about how backwards Mother’s Day is.  We honor Mom and bring her gifts for all she has done for us…a beautiful and loving tribute that she deserves.  But my idea of Mother’s day was that I felt blessed and grateful simply for being able to celebrate the fact that I was a Mom. All I could think about was how much I wanted to thank my children for giving me that honor. I’ve spent my entire Motherhood with the same grateful sentiment.  So tomorrow I will celebrate Mother’s Day in my heart the same way I have for 23 years in thanking my children for giving me the two best gifts of my life and how wonderful my life has been to know them.  Velinda

Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow to all the Moms out there…have a wonderful day.

In honor of Mother’s Day, my book will be free on Monday May 14th for the entire day on  Kindle