Learn to LOVE Yourself and put Yourself FIRST

This is never necessary.  Learn to love yourself and put yourself first then everything else falls into place.  You life and the lives of the people who love you depend on it.

‎”Even after I became an adult, I remained powerless. Those lies were so ingrained in me that I was constantly trying to be “good enough”—trying to prove myself worthy of love, which made me an easy target for more abuse.
It didn’t matter what was asked of me, I would do it whether I wanted to or not. I thought if I said “no” I wouldn’t be loved.
I was desperate to try to keep people happy so they wouldn’t leave me. I was willing to be the scapegoat and to accept whatever abuse was hurled at me.
I had been taught that this was what I deserved and I believed it.”

~♥ Penny Smith

From:  Preventing Domestic Violence