Allow Life to Happen

“Allow life to happen. Accept reality and the natural order and destiny of things…that there is a reason you don’t fully understand yet. Sometimes the strangest and most painful things work out for the best. All will be well, better than you think.”

“Set goals:  In setting goals you cause things to happen and change. You accomplish projects, meet people, find yourself, change, go to interesting places, problems get solved, needs and wants get met and dreams come true. You go in the right direction. Goals give directions and purpose. If things don’t go as planned, that is where acceptance, trust, faith, and letting go come in. Goals set into motion a powerful psychological, spiritual, and emotional force. You do what you need to do, things begin to happen and things begin to come to us.”

“In setting goals, be patient and trust in God’s timing. Don’t take a goal off your list just because it hasn’t happened yet. Sometimes it takes years. It just hasn’t happened yet. Things happen when the time is right…when you’re ready, when God is ready, when the world is ready. Give up, let go, but keep the goal on your list.”

Melody Beattie

Photo by:  Peter Lik