You never know where the inspiration will come from:

Yesterday we met a man in a restaurant who told us this story: 

Approximately 20 years ago he went through a devastating divorce and lost everything including his daughter, his home, his shop (he restored classic cars), all his money ~ everything.  It was so devastating to him that he drifted into such depression that he ended up living homeless for 3 years on the streets of a big City.  We personally don’t understand how anyone can live homeless, but from a prior homeless man came inspiration and wisdom.

During his time on the streets he was beaten several times, lit on fire one night while he was sleeping, and spent his days looking and begging for food to survive.  One day he heard a quote that turned him around in an instant and he decided he had had enough.  He went to a shelter for people transitioning back into life and did just that.

Today he has a new shop restoring classic cars, is re-married and owns a home, has an expensive car (we saw it), a part-time job working in aerospace, and visits his daughter regularly in Hawaii!  He and his wife were enjoying fine food as was evident last night and he paid for it with a credit card!  What a difference from being homeless.

His advice:  “Never give up or give in” he said.  “Living life is so much easier and so much better than giving up.”  “Working for a living is easier than living homeless or living on welfare.”  “Living homeless was actually hard work!”  “Today, Life is good!”