The Power of words and the way we treat others

StoryThis is a story from one of the books I read (I don’t’ recall which one right now). The author is a Psychiatrist in private practice who related this story in his book.

One of his male patients came to his counseling session one day and asked the Dr. to give him advice on how to make his ****** wife miserable. He said he was going to divorce her in 6 months and wanted to make her miserable in the meantime.

The Dr’s response was to spend the next 6 months telling her how beautiful she was, how much he appreciated the things she did, how she was a good wife and mother, and to praise her constantly. The Dr said “after you get divorced she will be completely miserable from not hearing that anymore!”

The man sat and stared quietly at the Dr. with a surprised look on his face. Their session was over a few moments later and he never came back for more counseling. Approximately 1 1/2 years later the Dr. saw this man in a restaurant with his wife (same wife). As the man and the Dr. passed each other in the hall the Dr. asked if he had gotten rid of his ****** wife (knowing he didn’t) and how was life going? The man responded, “My wife is a wonderful person and we are very happy together!”

Obviously he had taken the Dr’s advice and changed his treatment towards his wife, as well as his whole attitude towards the marriage. Just something to think about.