Just Thoughts ~

As I was awakening this morning by one of my cats jumping on my bed to greet me, I lay there for a few moments petting her.  As I watched her in total capitulation to me and enjoying the attention I was giving her, I reveled in how content and happy she was to have me stroking her.  I thought “how could anyone turn on someone, human or animal, who is so loving, trusting and vulnerable to another?”  But humans sometimes do ~ animals rarely. 
When we give our hearts to another and our hearts are pure towards that person, the betrayal can be crushing to our soul.  And once betrayed by those we love and trust we are changed forever and so is the course of our life.  Love is precious and should be treated with the reverence it deserves.  To give our heart to another is the greatest of vulnerability and meaning.  Should we fall out of love and need to walk away, it is essential that be done with dignity and compassion.   It is completely unacceptable to destroy the heart of another for any reason. 
Fortunately, the great majority of people are good and loving, but we are a selfish breed as well.  Perhaps we should allow nature and animals to teach us more about altruism, pure love and loyalty.