Rules of Relationships for Women

Rule #1:  You marry at the level of your own psychological health.  You get the man you deserve.  Men don’t select their life partners, women do.  Women chose the wrong man over and over again because of what they are not.  If you think you are half a person, you will select the same.  If you think you must suffer from emotional neglect, you will choose a man who will be distant. If you choose a man on the basis of romance, idealism, chemistry, salvation, the result will almost always be bitterness and hurt.

Rule #2:  Happiness is what you’re willing to settle for, so be careful that you don’t settle for the minimum.  You get the man you deserve because you get what you ask for. A somebody sees the difference between asserting herself and subjugating herself.  A nobody is thrilled at any offer and can’t turn anything down.  Nobodies make decisions because they think they don’t deserve better.  They select men who mistreat her because they don’t expect to matter.

Rule #3:  If you can change your behavior, you will change the way you think. Having control over your life is as sweet as your reward…the right man. The messages you send need to be positive.

Dr. Sonya Friedman