Why do we love our Pets so much?

Pets give us unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship.  If they could, they would fight for us, protect us and they are always there for us.  Everyone needs to feel loved, valued, and that we matter.  We need security, companionship and a sense of belonging.  Animals give us all of this and ask for nothing in return except to be in our lives.  They don’t care what we look like, how much money we have, or if we’re prestigious in the eyes of the world.  If we’re gone all day, they are ecstatic to see us when we get home. They make us feel happy. They genuinely love us for who we are. They are not filled with the lower human emotions. These precious little creatures could teach the human race a lot about what matters in life.  I hope you all have a pet or two or more and that you treat them with the utmost of the love and respect they deserve.