Today we are all Japanese

As most of us have been doing for the last week, last night I rushed to check my computer on the status of the tragedy in Japan.  Hoping some miracle may have emerged, I was saddened only to read that the situation with the nuclear plant was worse. I read in depth about the immense hardships the people are having to endure.  It’s difficult to believe such a tragedy could happen in our modern world.

Numb from the thought of how devastating this tragedy is, I then did something I’ve never done before and drifted into the comments under the article.  Reading these comments was exactly what I needed at that moment.  Personally feeling helpless to help the people of Japan I realized after reading the comments that we are helping.  With the deep outpour of love and compassion the world has for them right now, I knew that whatever they needed to overcome, the world would be there for them.  But even more, my faith in mankind was confirmed. That the great majority of people in this world are good humanitarians with love and compassion for all humans no matter race, religion, gender or circumstance. It was a beautiful feeling to read these comments, of which I only copied down a few of the thousands.  It’s at times like these that we realized we are all human first no matter where we live, how we believe, or what our culture is.

I hope these great comments inspire you to feel good about our humanitarian effort and to believe in mankind much more than to doubt them.  Have a great day.

How pitifully small we are compared to nature. How ridiculous our puny and futile feuds when compared with forces like this.
i am only 12, but i see the hardships that these people are going through. i wish everyone and anyone from Japan good luck, and best of hopes to you.
Even while watching with your own eyes, the devestation happening to our
fellow man, the clowns still make jokes. Sad, just sad.  Know this my Japanese brothers, that these cowards are few and do notrepresent America
Its times like this we should all realize were humans, and act like it. Not making racist comments to any race/religion. But to wish this group of people well, health, and a bright future. It doesn’t matter whether you are japanese, jewish, persian, african, or european. In times like this everyone needs to help each other out.
I just wanted to thank everybody who has posted supportive and kind things. It has actually been a great comfort. A mother in Tokyo
After 9/11, the French president declared, ‘today we are all American.’ Today, we are all Japanese.
More power to Japan. let’s forget about racist wars. Let’s think to all ourselves as Humans, Caring and Loving each other.
I’m already on my way to help US MARINES always ready … Help is on the way …
God help those people who are suffering from this disaster, shelter them, feed them, and guide them and look after them they are your children.   also those who you have taken away from this world may their soul rest in peace and open the door of heaven to them.
god bless all those who are living in japan. our prayer is always with them.
I’m praying for all of you. May God Bless all of you!  From California, United States of America
While watching the coverage of the Japanese disaster, one thing stood out. There are no riots or looting, I saw people standing in line to get food or use the telephone and each respected each other and waited patiently.
While reading the posted comments, it was nice to see how much people care but yet some people feel the need to give these comments a thumbs down.
God… have mercy on japan please…
my friends and i here in Ohio are praying for you. God Bless you all. and to the ones leaving negative comments, Shame on you . If it was you in this horrific situation, i doubt if you would be so quick to say anything negative. But we are praying for you also, for God to give you the ability to be compassionate towards your fellow humans.
Definitely bigtime prayers for everyone in Japan!
I’m totally praying for all of the people in Japan, that God will give you the safety and love that you need! Please hang in there!
At time like this the level of concern for one another despite race, color or religion. People of Japan, I wish you a quick restoration.
From Greece Be well people of Japan. As an ex-seaman I know the country and its people.The whole world looks in amazement, what the all- powerfull Nature can do to us, insignificant human beings.
Doesn’t it feel better to care for your fellow man , than to hate him?..
As a Muslim from Jordan, My mind and heart with all japanese people. God will help them to overcome this terriable tragedy. God bless the people of Japan.
I feel so ashamed for complaining about the minuscule hardships in my life; God please help the people of Japan! I thank you for my life and everything that you’ve allowed me to have while I’m on This earth.
The people trying to police up the serious problem of escaping radiation are the real heroes. They willingly walked through deaths door knowing they probably would not come out alive. prayers and kudos to these brave souls .
To Tokyoresident and all in Japan.
There is a saying in Germany –
>>The middle of the night is the beginning of a new day<<
We will stand with you
Millions of Japanese are outside in the freezing cold with no food or water for days yet there are no riots, criminals running about and no looting. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.Civilization is a wonderful thing.
My thoughts and prayers are with you in Japan, for we do not know what a day holds. It could be us next.
May God bless and comfort you in your time of sorrow.