What is Passion?

Passion is something you can do all day.  You are addicted to it, you don’t want to stop, you draw energy from it, it makes you feel alive, it is motivating, comforting and… Continue reading

Why is it Taking so Long to Get What I Want?

It is not because you do not want it enough It is not because you are not intelligent enough It is not because you are not worthy enough It is not because fate… Continue reading

A Simple Experiment

A Simple Experiment BLOG by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer There is no greater power in heaven or on earth than pure, unconditional love.  The nature of the God force, the unseen intelligence in… Continue reading

You never know where the inspiration will come from:

Yesterday we met a man in a restaurant who told us this story:  Approximately 20 years ago he went through a devastating divorce and lost everything including his daughter, his home, his shop… Continue reading


Winners never quit and quitters never win. Vince Lombardi


On life’s journey Faith is nourishment, Virtuous deeds are a shelter, Wisdom is the light by day and Right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life nothing… Continue reading

The truth

“When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.” William Blake

Think Big

If you want to make a difference, you have to think big and dream big right from day one.


Leadership belongs to those who take it.

Give to yourself

The world will never give you something you don’t already give yourself.