“Few situations in life are every improved by not taking care of ourselves and not giving ourselves what we need” Melody Beattie “Accept everything about yourself…I mean everything. You are you and that… Continue reading


“In about the same degree as you are helpful, you will be happy”  Karl Reilan

Dr. Phil’s 10 Life Laws

Life Law #1: You either get it or you don’t. Strategy: Become one of those who gets it. It’s easy to tell these people apart. Those who “get it” understand how things work… Continue reading


“Selfishness is actually the path to unselfishness” Larry Winget

Believe in Yourself or no one else will

“You’ll never get something in your life unless you believe you deserve it. You have to believe and fall in love with yourself. Believe in yourself, your worth, your value” Dr. Phil“You have… Continue reading

What do you Value

What do you value most?“You should not have one set of values in your personal life and another set for your work life” Pete Musser“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but… Continue reading


“In Life you build two reputations, one personal and one professional … never let one discredit the other!” Odell Horton


It is our right to enjoy ourselves and find pleasure in our lives. It invites our best selves out to play and quiets our critical voices (or you can be accustomed to pain… Continue reading

Failure is no accident

If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished. One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time. Failure is no accident “I am willing to move out of my comfort zone… Continue reading

Vulnerability is Power

“Vulnerability is power. You have to find the courage to take action or be consumed by pain ~ to take positive steps forward against insurmountable obstacles and crippling self-doubt” Libby Gill