Therefore…We Never Give Up

  Live life inspired believe in yourself believe in tomorrow know that your trials are sent to help you grow and that with perseverance and faith life always gets better… therefore, we never… Continue reading


It’s when you really need them that your true friends will be revealed

Respect Nature

There is something so mysteriously extraordinary about nature that always made me feel calm just being able to experience it. You can retreat and watch nature anywhere, even in a crowded city. When… Continue reading

Raise Your Self-Esteem

We date and choose people to be in our lives who are at the same level of our own self-esteem But that does not always mean we have chosen the right person to… Continue reading


 Being concerned about what other people think is a prison that will hold you back from what you really want.  How silly to allow a total stranger or someone you barely know make… Continue reading

Must We Never Forget

Always remember who matters and to treat them with love There is nothing more important in your life than the people who love you These people are your world and without them life… Continue reading

Find Your Passion

A life without passion is not a life…it’s merely an existence.   Find your passion.  Don’t settle.  You deserve it.  

Stop Waiting for Life

What are you waiting for… Your debt to be paid, more money, your problems to be solved, love to come along, to lose weight, to be happy, to graduate, to be more confident,… Continue reading

Let Today be the Day

The Most Important Thing

“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer. There is no disease that enough love will not heal. No door that enough love will not open. No gulf that enough love… Continue reading