Remember Always

Now go after your dreams….

This is YOUR Life

Every Day will Get You There

No matter how small the step or how long the journey, a little every day will get you there.    

Words and Values to Live By

by:  Velinda Peyton @ This Brand New Day


I don’t believe in waiting.  I believe in going after what I want. Especially when I passionately want something or want to make something happen that would change my life for the better.… Continue reading

Someone Who Really Loves You

Attachments and Expectations

Nature and Rebirth

“Nature is the most beautiful example of rebirth.  For no matter what may come to destroy it, nature always finds its way back to life” Velinda “Each morning we are born again.  What… Continue reading

Past and Future

 Letting go of pain from the past allows the emotional freedom you need to create new happiness, success and love.

Looking for Love…

The one you are looking for is looking for you Don’t give up