You are a Great Person

“If you are a great person and you go out on a date with someone who doesn’t want to see you again, you are still a great person the next day”  Unknown

The Power of Being Called to Create

Sometimes, out of your deepest struggles comes your greatest calling. Read article

Life Itself is Risky

“Life itself is risky.  If I put up fences to keep out risk, I will also keep life out.  I will not forego the next ten minutes of happiness on the premise that… Continue reading

Believe you Deserve it

“You’ll never get something in your life unless you believe you deserve it.  You have to believe and fall in love with yourself.  Believe in yourself, your worth, your value”  Dr.  Phil

Allow Life to Happen

“Allow life to happen. Accept reality and the natural order and destiny of things…that there is a reason you don’t fully understand yet. Sometimes the strangest and most painful things work out for… Continue reading

After a while…

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul and you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company doesn’t always mean security. And you begin… Continue reading

Easter Conversations

When my son was four years old, on Easter morning he told me about the conversation he had with the Easter Bunny the night before.  Now, almost twenty years later, our conversations are… Continue reading

Please join my new site

Please join my new website!  Same inspiration as Positive Thoughts on Life plus more. My new site will replace Positive Thoughts on Life, however this site will remain visible.  Thank you all so… Continue reading

Let Go of Toxic People

FREE on Wednesday…

This Wednesday, March 28th, my book will be featured on Kindle Nation Daily and will be FREE for the entire day to anyone who wants to download it as an ebook. It can… Continue reading