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Sometimes when we try over and over for something that simply isn’t working out, it’s because we are trying for the wrong thing, in the wrong way, or for the wrong reason. Perhaps… Continue reading


“Change is not a matter of ability, resources, or connections, etc…it is a matter of choice and determination”  Velinda

The Hard Work is Worth It

Weakness is when you let life beat you.  Weakness is when you let fear make decisions for you. Weakness is when you refuse to try. Are you inspired by people who are needy,… Continue reading

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?

Good things come to those who wait? Good things come to those who don’t give up, who stay committed, determined, and persistent in the pursuit of their dreams…even if they have to wait.… Continue reading

Start Now

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy… Continue reading

The Resolve Has to Come From Within

“I don’t want people to feel sorry for me because of what I went through as a child.  That serves no purpose and it would not make me feel good.  Instead, I hope… Continue reading

Attitude Determines Your Success

  “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude.  Nothing can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”  Thomas Jefferson ON LUCK “The harder I work, the luckier I get” … Continue reading