I am not Grumpy

I am not Grumpy I am happy My smile is just upside down I am different… And I am cute, loveable and precious Just like we all are

Thoughts From a PTOL Reader

In our childhood one of the frequent question from our parents teachers or any elder is- what is your goal in life?/ what you want to be Doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc etc. So… Continue reading

Dare to Walk Alone

Don’t worry that you’re different, worry that you do nothing with your uniqueness.

Your Thoughts Become Your Destiny

The Secret to Having it All

The secret to having it all is knowing  you already do…inside of you.  But we give up too easily, feel we are unworthy too often, and put our dreams and aspirations on the… Continue reading

Have Patience and Faith in the Journey

The Stars are Always There

The stars are not out tonight. But that is only because they are behind the cloud cover.  The stars are always there.  They will be out again tomorrow Photo by Lijah Hanley

How to Avoid Financial Disaster

 Control spending, pay cash for what you can, pay off the rest as soon as you can, and  invest as much as you can for your future.


“Change is not a matter of ability, resources, or connections, etc…it is a matter of choice and determination”  Velinda

Start with Intention

What you do today…the doors you open, the opportunities you meet, the work you do, the decisions you make, the love you express, etc.  determine the successes you will have tomorrow.  There is… Continue reading