Recommended Reading

Marianne Williamson

A Return to Love
A Woman’s Worth
Enchanted Love
The Gift of Change
Being in Light
Everyday Grace
Handling Fear
The New Mid Life

Dr. Wayne Dyer
Being in Balance
Manifest your Destiny
You’ll see it when you believe it
Dr. Phil McGraw
 Life Strategies
Relationship Rescue
Self Matters
Love Smart
Family First

Jack Canfield  
 Success Principals
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Melodie Beattie ~  Codependent No More
Rabbi Gafni ~ Soulprints

M. J. Ryan ~ The Power of Patience
Dr. Susan Jeffers
Embracing Uncertainty
Opening Hearts

Larry Winget ~ Get a life

Lynn Grabhorn ~ Your Life is Waiting
Jim Rohn ~ Lessons on Life

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret
The Power

Pam Grout ~ Living Big

Louise Hay ~ Change and Transition…
                                  Louise Hay  You Can Heal Your Life

Dr. Laura Schlessinger
10 Things Women do to Screw up their Lives….Dr. Laura
Bad Childhood, Good Life

Divorce Care ~  program usually offered through Churches

Dr. M. Scott Peck ~ The Road Less Traveled
Anthony Robbins ~ The Giant Within

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale ~ The Power of Positive Thinking

Laura Doyle ~ Surrendered Single

Kathy Freston
Expect a Miracle
The One

Greg Behrendt ~ He’s Not that in to You

Dr. Neil Clark Warren ~ Date or Soul Mate

John Gray ~ Mars and Venus

Dr. Elaine Aron ~ The Hyper Sensitive Person

Dale Carnegie ~ How to Win Friends and Influence People

Daniel Goleman 
Emotional Intelligence
Social Intelligence

Libby Gill ~ Traveling Hopefully

Gregg Braden ~ The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Eckhart Tolle ~ A New Earth/Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Pastor Rick Warren ~ The Purpose Driven Life

Joel Osteen ~ A Better Life

Dr. Michael Bradley ~ Yes, Your Teen is Crazy

Dr. Robert Holden ~ Be Happy

Marci Shimoff ~ Happy for no Reason

Foundation for Inner Peace ~ A Course In Miracles…

Joan Lunden ~ Wake up Calls

Buddy Scott ~ Relief for Hurting parents

Deepak Chopra
The Deeper Wound
7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Beverly De Angelis ~ Secrets about life every woman should know

Harold Kushner ~ When bad things happen to good people

Betty Bethards ~ The Dream Book

Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood ~ The Passion Test

Daphney Rose Kingma ~ Ten Things to Do

Robert Burney ~ Dance of Wounded Souls (Codependence)

Colette Baron-Reid ~ The Map

Norman Vincent Peale ~ The Power of Positive Thinking

Vicktor Frankl ~ Man’s Search for Meaning

AA Big Book

Dr. Spencer Johnson  ~ Who Moved my Cheese