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The Jenna Brandon Company offers complimentary speaking engagements about our Beyond Program.  This presentation is available to any group.  These short workshops include an introduction to our program as well as ways you can start changing your life now.

Please contact me here to learn more or schedule a speaking engagement if you live in the Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside or San Bernardino. 

To learn more, visit our site http://thisbrandnewday.com and click on program.


Positive Thoughts on Life was created for anyone sharing an affinity for positivity as a focus for life.  We aim to promote and enhance life through inspiration, encouragement, values and love.  We hope to help transform attitudes permanently through a whole new world of  joy, wisdom, faith and growth with Positive Thoughts.  Please come into our world of Positive Thoughts on Life

We love your suggestions, your stories and your pictures.

Thank you for joining and may your life be blessed with Positivity forever.

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